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Sharp Agency is a Graphic Design Agency catering to small business with tight budgets. Our Designers have worked with some of Australia’s iconic Brands from all facets of the professional, food, entertainment and manufacturing industries.

Dedicated to building Client Brand awareness and drive effective advertising cut-through in an ever crowding market.

Through an holistic approach to your Brand we make sure your logo devices and all creative collateral have a stylistic quality and continuity therefore taking both your Companie’s message and product exactly where you want it.


Probably one of the first things a customer sees about your business is your signage. Therefore Window graphics, acrylic, aluminium or timber sign manufacture, lightbox signage or digital display equipment are especially relevant to drive your Company Brand.

Our Signage experts can frost film on store or office windows for brand recognition and privacy or create outdoor signage that can be seen for day or night.


Our Designers create truly inspiring Trade brochures, catalogues and advertising content that speaks volumes with fewer, more relevant, words.  The results can achieve rapid brand retention and cut-through therefore getting your Brand noticed more that your opposition.

With our knowledge of the industry we can breath needed life into outdated or worn down Print Collateral.


We create accurate digital content with a strong emphasis on the user for all digital platforms. Consequently taking your Online identity to your customer through vivid web, mobile Apps, EDMs, social media and Online advertising.

SEO is an integral part of any Digital medium these days and we make sure your always at the forefront.


Probably the most important asset for your Company is your Brand. It tells your customers who you are, what your goals are and where you are positioned in the market.

We create gripping, pragmatic Brands that take your business and product to the next level.

Most of all, with quality logo creation,
re-design or brand sub-categories you can expand your audience catchment.