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Welcome to Sharp Agency

Sharp Agency has been around for a very long time, believe it or not.

We have gone by many names over the last 15 years as we have grown and moved with the times and adapted to the Advertising and Marketing landscape.

Our most humble of beginnings was as a small group of like-minded Graphic Designers that were sick of working for Ad Agencies that always put cost before creative.

We all know that clients have a budget and that budget needs to be stuck to. But that doesn’t mean that creative integrity has to suffer because the ‘Ad Exec’ wasn’t going to get a big enough commission from the project does it?

So we all left our high pressure jobs and formed our own ‘Creative Conspiracy’.

Over the first 10 years we concentrated on our known skill sets as Ad Men. TVC, radio and print media still being the traditional medium for any advertising campaign, was always our strongest point. Packaging design, Brand development and Corporate Print collateral were also a large part of the workload and still is to this day.

It was only in 2006 that the advertising landscape started to turn digital and things were never to be the same again.

As traditional forms of advertising were becoming increasingly costly, the web was becoming an incredible way of getting a message broadcasted globally with very little outlay. It is in this digital realm that we are now mainly focused, but because of our traditional background in Advertising Media we are able accomplish strategies that can span a diverse range of disciplines and marketing cultures.

As we now move into the 21st Century we have encompassed mobile tech and all it has to offer. Taking out skills to the mobile market has been a natural progression with keeping up with the latest trends and changes in this incredibly exciting industry.

Where will it go next? where ever it does, we are sure we can help take you there . . . .